Pre Conference Workshops

Date Day   Topic Facilitator Registration Fee Duration Time
22nd Jan. 2019 Tuesday 1  Literature Search and Referencing   Dr. Luqman Farrukh Nagi  500 Half 9am - 12pm
24th Jan. 2019  Thursday 1  Introduction to SPSS   Prof. Tahseen Haider Kazmi  500 Half 9am - 12pm
28th Jan. 2019  Monday 1  Hysteroscopy - Hands-on Training, Practical skills and Live Demonstration   Dr. Fareeha Farooq, Prof. Fozia Umber Qureshi, Prof. Yousaf Latif Khan   1000 Full 9am - 3pm
2 Dietary Management of T1DM and T2DM through Carbohydrate Counting (A Universal Meal Planning Tool)  Ms. Faiza Kamal, Ms.Tasnim Z. Ali  800 Half 9am - 12pm
3 Surgical Pathology Cases with Focus on Liver, Kidney, Lung & CNS Pathology  Dr. Asif Loya, Dr. Rizwan Akhtar, Brig.(R) Muhammad Atique, Dr. Sania Shuja  500 Full 9am - 3pm
4  Leadership and Teamwork: Navigating Relationship with Peers   Professor  Dr. Che An Binti Ahmad    1000 Full 9am - 3pm
29th Jan. 2019 Tuesday 1  Potpourri of Interesting and Unusual Surgical Pathology Cases including Bone & Soft Tissue Cases   Brig. (R) Sajid Mushtaq, Dr. Samina Zaman, Brig. Nadeem Zafar, Dr. Amaan-ur-Rehman  500 Full 9am - 3pm
2  Workshop on “Innovative teaching techniques and strategies” in perspective of 21st  century   Ms. Nasim Rafiq   1000 Full 9am - 3pm
30th Jan. 2019 Wednesday 1  Low Vision – Diagnosis & Management   Muhammad Anwar Awan, Ms. Ayesha Saleem,                                               Mr. Ubaidullah Jan, Mr. Nishat Akram  1000 Full 9am - 3pm
2  Laboratory Animal Handling   Dr. Qasim Muneer  500 Half 9am - 12pm
3  Role of Doppler Ultrasound in Obstetrical Imaging   Dr. Saman Chaudhry, Dr. Asma Tariq, Dr. Iffat Rahman  500 Half 9am - 12pm
4  Role of Radiology in Estimation of Age for Medicolegal Purposes   Dr. Imran Yousaf  500 Full 9am - 3pm
5  How to Develop Better Relationships with People   Prof. Saad Bashir Malik  500  Half  2pm - 5pm
6 All About Tuberculosis (TB) Diagnosis from Basics to Advance techniques: A Hands-on Workshop  Dr. Tahir Naeem, Dr. Sajjad Iqbal Sial   500 Half 9am - 1pm
7  Emerald Workshop on Chronic Hepatitis B Infection   Prof. Altaf Alam, Prof. Haroon Yousaf  1000 Half 9am - 12pm
8  Bariatric Surgery Symposium/Session   Prof. Farooq Afzal, Prof. Mumtaz Maher, Dr. Atif Shami, Dr. Javad Raza  1000 Full 9am - 3pm
9  Hospital Infection Prevention & Control   Mr.Tanzeel ur Rehman  1000 Full 9am - 3pm
10  Career Counselling   Abdul Basit Ali  500 Half 2pm - 5pm
31st Jan.2019 Thursday 1  Critical Reading of Research Articles, Systematic Literature Review, Mix Method Research and  Analysis    Prof. Khalid Mehmood,  Prof. Farida Munawar,                                                Dr. Syeda Hina Batool, Mr. Ghulam Farid  500 Full 9am - 3pm
2  Latest Trends in Sports Physiotherapy and Biomechanical Implications   Dr. Sohail Saleem  500 Full 9am - 3pm
3  How to get your article published Internationally   Dr. Uruj Zehra  500 Full 9am - 3pm
4  Medico-Legal Spectrum of Forensic Odontology   Dr. Humayun Taimoor  500 Half 9am - 12pm
5  Hands-on Training on Botox - Upper Face   Prof. Haroon Nabi, Dr. Atif Shehzad,                                                            Dr. Abdul Hameed,  Dr. Uzma Sarwar  8500 Full 9am - 3pm
6  E-Learning in Basic Sciences; Step up to the Digital Age   Dr. Najma Baseer, Dr. Zilli Huma  1000 Full 9am - 3pm
7  Endocrine and Breast Surgery Symposium  Dr. Aamina Iqbal, Dr. Huma Majeed Khan  1000 Half 9am - 12pm
8  Hepatobiliary & Colorectal Surgery Symposium  Prof. Farooq Afzal, Prof. Kamran Khalid,                                                                             Dr. Faisal Hanif, Dr. Amir Latif  1000 Full 9am - 3pm
9 Pancreatic, General and Vascular Surgery Symposium  Prof. Waris Farooka, Dr. Ilyas Sadiq  1000 Half 2pm - 5pm
10  Teaching in Digital Age   Dr. Masood Jawaid   1000 Full 9am - 5pm
11  ECG Workshop   Dr. Javed Ashraf, Dr. Naresh Kumar  500 Half 9am - 12pm
12  ECHO Workshop   Dr. Kamran Babar, Dr. Muhammad Muneeb  500 Half 2pm - 5pm
13  Disaster Management: Is your Hospital Prepared?   Dr. Amir Bashir  500 Half 9am - 12pm
14  Retinal Angiography FFA  (Fundus Flourescin Angiography)   Prof. Khalid Najmi  500 Half 9am - 1pm
15  Pain workshop   Dr. Almas Iqbal, Dr. Aamir waseem  500 Half 9am - 12pm
1st Feb. 2019 Friday 1  Quality Assurance - Confusion and Misunderstanding   Mr. Toqeer Ali Butt, Mr. Adnan Farooq  500 Half 9am - 12pm
2  Chest Intubation and Thoracic Surgery Symposium   Dr. Shoaib Nabi  1000 Full 9am - 5:30pm
3  Management of Acute Burns   Dr. Asif Zubair Bhatti                                           1000 Half 9am - 12pm
4  Plagiarism & Authorship Issues: Tackling Ethical Issues in Research   Dr. John Lantos, Dr. Farkhanda Ghafoor  500 Half 9am - 12pm
5  Symposium on Assisted Reproductive Techniques ( ART)    Prof. Hakan Yarali, Prof. Arshad Chohan,                                                               Dr. Fauzia Butt  1000 Half 2:30pm - 5:30pm
6 Clinical Leadership Skills for Medical Educators  Prof. Paul Barach  1000 Half 2:30pm - 5:30pm
7  Legal Issues in Medical Practice   Prof. Vugar Mammadov  1000 Half 9am - 12pm
8  Medical Writing   Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid  500 Half 9am - 12pm
9 Non-Invasive Ventilation  Dr. Majid Mushtaq  1000 Half 2:30pm - 5:30pm
10  Digital Health   Dr. Zakiuddin Ahmed  500 Half 2:30pm - 5:30pm
11  Blueprinting   Prof. Syeda Kauser Ali  1000 Half 2:30pm - 5:30pm
12  Curriculum Mapping   Prof. Lubna A. Baig, Dr. Syed Moin Ali  1000 Half 9am - 12pm
13  Developing Tutorials for Higher Cognition   Dr. Syed Moin Ali  1000 Half 9am - 12pm